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How to ask questions about the PHG

Step 0: Create a userID on Biostars

Skip to step 1 if you already have a user ID

  • Click on the Login tab near the top of the home page or on this link:

  • On the login page, sign in with either your Google credentials or use your own custom ID and password.

Step 1: Ask your question

  • Log in and find the new posts through the “New Post” button on the top right-hand side of the screen

  • On the New Post page, provide the following:

    • Post Title: A clearly defined title for your question

    • Post Type: Question

    • Post Tags: To ensure your question is answered by the Buckler Lab staff, please use:

      phg - questions relating to the practical haplotype graph (PHG) framework

      rphg - questions relating to the R frontend for the PHG

    • Enter your post below: your clearly stated, unambiguous question in proper formatting.

  • Click submit

Step 2: Wait for potential remedies and follow up questions

To follow the phg or rphg tags or receive email notifications for PHG or rPHG questions:

  • Click on your userid on the main biostars page

  • Click edit profile. You can enter tags to show up on myTags or email there

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